Wednesday, December 4, 2013

From the Train

I'm currently on a train headed West. Caught the train out of Greensboro @ midnight on Monday, spent last night in very muggy New Orleans, currently somewhere beyond Houston.  Can't wait to crawl into my bed & be lulled to sleep by the swaying train.

I spent 2 weeks in Tennessee with no internet or cell service, I'm back to reality.  I thought all my stories would begin in CA but let's just say that there might be a few chapters to be written about my time at my Uncle Bob's farm in TN. Being a city girl, I have certainly missed the very colorful tales that make up the community & my family in TN. Enjoyed beautiful 2+ inches of snow that fell before Thanksgiving, many days & nights in front  a fire, glasses of wine & lots of lively conversation with my family. I can't share all the stories but I will share a few over the next few months.

So good night from Texas.