Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well, that was different

"Stand Tall, Study"
9x12  Oil on Linen/Board

As I started the demo in class this morning, my brush swept across the support & well, I thought that was different.   I'm so used to knowing how my brush & paint will react on my support that I was shocked when the brushstroke didn't look or feel the same.  Awhile back I ordered a couple of sample boards with not my regular canvas attached.  This one had the Belgian Linen (lovely) but single primed.  I love painting on linen but this one just didn't hold my brushwork like my other support.  I like this painting but it  has a very different feel about it.  Live & learn.   Stepping out of your comfort zone is good, I just now know that single primed Belgian Linen probably won't live in my toolbox.  It's so important to be as knowledgeable about your "tools" as your skills. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Challenge

"San Francisco Street"
8x6  Oil on board

This was a "challenge" painting by a wonderful artist, Terry Miura.  I love painting cityscapes but do struggle with sometimes trying to simplify all that happens on a busy city street.  This challenge I also roped my friend, Julie Hill, into doing with me at 4 o'clock yesterday. Lucky her, she lives on the west coast & had a few more of hours of light.  Happy painting!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Carefree Days

"Carefree Days"
6x6  Oil on canvas/board

At auction on DPW, click here to bid.

Last summer I did a series of my friend, Julie Hill's daughter as play.  See the paintings here, here & here.  Painting children can be fun and I've done more than my fair share of "sweet" kids paintings.  While exploring this subject, I wanted to focus much more of the joy of the kids "at play" and keep the "sappiness" to a minimum.  For me, the color palette will dictate whether I'm successful.   Any thoughts?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The First Look

"Familiar View, Catalina"
6x6  Oil on museum quality board

At auction on DPW, click here to bid.

A few days ago, I talked about seeing the obvious subject to paint versus taking some time & finding a
different view.  Don't get me wrong, I love painting the Holly Hill House.  It's been a favorite class demo several times.  However, when I slowed down & really looked at what was in front of me, I found an equally, if not, more interesting vantage point, see here.   My students always comment that I'm able to pull so much out of one here's to really seeing not just looking.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Look

"A View from the Top"
4x8  Oil on Canvas

At auction on DPW, click here to bid.

This week I've had my students focusing on doing thumbnail, value & color sketches. I used a photo from Catalina (the Hollyhill House) that I had painted more than a few demos from & in the process found 2 more potential paintings. This is one of them. Sometimes we are so focused on the obvious that we miss the true beauty in front of us. I'm thinking this would make a great diptych.