Monday, September 21, 2009

"You can learn to draw"

A student's daughter was majoring in art at Ole Miss and had a bad experience with one of her professors. He told her that she couldn't draw, so her Mom had her come a couple of times to my drawing class this summer. My goal was to give her a few tips and some confidence. I received an email from her Mom. "Mom, when you get a chance, please tell Kelley that her drawing lessons have been so much help already. When my drawing teacher asked me today how long I have been drawing, I told her not long. I had a few drawing lessons with my Mom over the summer but honestly, I kind of avoid it because I had never been good. She cut me off and said "Excuse me, I disagree. If you've never had lessons until this summer, and you know this much then you must have had a wonderful teacher because you are doing really well. I was sooooo excited." Thanks, Callie for such wonderful comments, except it was all your doing. I just pointed the way.
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