Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is there a Boa in Your Closet?

"Yellow Camisole"
6x6   Oil on museum quality panel

At Auction on DPW, click here to bid.

For the past week, this has been what my students have been painting in class.  What better way to allow them to loosen up...Lingerie & a Boa!  It's fun to see how they approach this subject.  From fear to fearless but in the end, they all did well.   I've had the advantage of studying the subject for a week and couldn't wait to paint it myself.   Headed to my closet again for some inspiration.  BTW, I just purchased the boa a couple of weeks ago.  Not a standard item in my wardrobe. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to Provence

"Provence Time"
6x8  Oil on museum quality panel

At Auction on DPW, click here to bid

I recently completed a painting for a couple's wedding of their trip to Provence.  So enjoyed painting it that I decided to go back for another try.  Don't you just want to wander in the fields of lavender? Hope you enjoy the view.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bees & Honey - SOLD

7x8  Canvas mounted on foam core

Once again my friend, Julie Hill, is poking me about not being a sappy person.  So here's my final response, the above painting is as sweet as I get (get it "HONEY"dew).  While I can't quiet buy into the sappiness, I do treasure our friendship.  I just ask that we don't encourage her anymore.  I can only handle so much sweetness.  And remember that along with the "honey" comes the bees. So while she presents herself dripping in honey, the stinger is always poise to strike.  Now, I'm off to watch Dexter to remove any lingering sap!  Enjoy my palette knife painting.  Have a fab (non-sappy) week.

Friday, October 7, 2011


"Low Country Sundown"
6x6  Oil on museum quality panel

I've painted so many marshes, that you'd think I'd be tired of them.  Nope!  There is always a surprise somewhere along the way.  Be it in the grasses (they change seasonally) or the beauty of the skies.  I just feel blessed to be close enough to the marshes to have ample inspiration.  Happy weekend.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Bells

"Provence with Love"
6x6  Oil on museum quality panel

This is wedding gift for a student's brother.   He and his fiancee visited Provence last summer and Carol shared some of his beautiful photos with me.  So I thought that I would paint them a memory from that trip.  Sentimental, I know.  As my friend, Julie Hill, will tell you I don't have a sentimental bone in my body.  Or it is just well hidden.  I just like to keep her guessing.  Best wishes to the happy couple on their very special day.