Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crunch Time

"The Bunch"
6x12  Oil on Linen

At auction on DPW, click to bid.

This is the finished piece that I did as a demo at the Charlotte Art League last week.  I'm never nervous about painting in public until I get to the end of painting time. It's then that I think "oh, I hope it turns out well".  There's always a little tweaking that is needed but I like how this turned out.  Thanks again to everyone who turned out, it was delightful.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Kids being Kids

"Beach Bound"
8x10  Oil on Linen

At auction on DPW, click here to bid.

Thanks to a Saturday morning cup of tea with a  friend & collector, I walked away with
some charming photos of kids being kids & some inspiration.  This was her favorite photo,
so this is where I begin.  Thanks, T.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Watercolor, gouache on Paper

This is from Day 3 of the workshop.  The painting is a combination of eyedropper drawing, charcoal, watercolor wash & rolled on paint with watercolor & gouache. I've included progress photos below.  This has been a great exploration for me.   I did watercolor about 10 years ago & vowed never to go there again.  Yet here I am but in a very different approach to this medium. Can't say that I'll live in this world on a regular basis, it has certainly opened up a lot of avenues in my approach in oil.  Time will tell if I can translate all that I learned this weekend.  Thanks, Kate.  You rock!!!!!!!!!!

Eyedropper Drawing

Building Up   

Friday, February 10, 2012


22x30  Watercolor, Gouache

First day in workshop with Kate Worm.   It's all about the figure in watercolor & gouache.  Maybe I should state now that I'm an oil painter! I have taken from Kate before (about 8 yrs ago) and she is a fantastic teacher.   I walked away so inspired & seeing new possibilities opening up in my oils.   This piece started with a wash of Payne's Grey.  Then I drew with an EYEDROPPER! Yes, an eyedropper filled with watercolor...talk about freeing...WOW!  The next step was placing the lights (in gouache) with a brayer, fine tuning the figure a bit in charcoal & then dropping  warmth into a few areas.  Below I have included the eyedropper drawing so you can see the marks it makes along with one of  Kate's beautiful pieces.  Hopefully, we play with color tomorrow.  Exhausted, exhilarated & enthralled...Good Night!

Eyedropper Drawing
Kate Worm

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out of Practice - SOLD!

"Barb's View"
6x6  Oil on Panel

The last time I painted "en plein aire", Lincoln might have been president.  I did this for my Wedneday morning art class and my students did great.  Needless to say, my skills were rusty.  I won't mention the backhoe constant sounds, the small rain delay & chilled air because it was soooooo fabulous to be outside painting in February!  Looking forward to next Wednesday, weather permitting.  I'll share my students pieces as soon as I receive their images.

Here are a few images from my students' plein air experience.   I think they did a fanastic job for newbies to painting outside in less than ideal conditions.  I'm proud of ya!