Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Working With What You Got

"Nectarine & Carnations"
7x5     $95

Teaching 5 oil painting classes a week has offered big lessons for me almost every time.  It has helped reinforce the fundamentals as I paint, pushing me to paint either something I don't want to or paint when I don't necessarily feel like it.   Several of my classes have been painting only in gray scale all week.  I've done demos in gray scale, no problem.  Today might haven taken the cake.  When I went to the store on Monday to gather my fruit & flowers, the choices were not great but since it was to be painted in gray scale, I didn't concern myself with the color.  However, today I did a demo in color.  Let's just say that pink carnations, nectarines & a turquoise drape are a bit of a challenge to harmonize in a painting.  Maybe next week we'll paint donuts! Oh, and did I mention, I didn't have the panel size I really needed?
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