Thursday, September 11, 2014

Avoiding a Fight

"Picking Strawberries"
6x12  Oil on Linen

Nothing like going out to explore painting opportunities.  Leslie Saeta recently invited me to join her for the day.  So off we went and discovered a lovely field of workers picking strawberries.  I think I barely waiting for the car to stop before jumping out to capture this lovely scene.  That moment didn't last long.  A guy in a pickup quickly came to us and told us we couldn't take photos.  We explained that we were artists and wanted pictures to paint.  He told us again that we couldn't take them.  Not wanting to start a fight, we "agreed".  Go back in the car, drove 3 feet, jumped out again and starting taking more pictures.  What can I stopping artists on a mission.  Thanks, Leslie for a fun day. 

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