Thursday, July 14, 2011

"A" at Play, # 4

"Mudhead, Amanda"
12x12   Oil on museum quality canvas

While I knew that I would enjoy doing this series, I didn't quite realize the challenges that I would come up against.  As I started to paint this piece, I quickly encountered the "mudhead".   Mudhead is term coined by the painter, Charles Hawthorne.  He had his students paint models in bright sunlight with their faces in shadow.  Hence the term, mudheads.  One of my favorite artists, Frank Gardner, set himself a challenge of 100 Mudheads and created a blog about it.   Check it out, it's fascinating and wonderful work.  I, myself, am exhausted on the very first one.  Thanks again to my wonderful model, Amanda.  

P.S.  I also recommend Charles Hawthorne's book  "Hawthorne On Painting".  It's a collection of notes taken by his students offering sage advise.   If I could only remember everything he said, I'd be a fabulous artist. 
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