Friday, February 10, 2012


22x30  Watercolor, Gouache

First day in workshop with Kate Worm.   It's all about the figure in watercolor & gouache.  Maybe I should state now that I'm an oil painter! I have taken from Kate before (about 8 yrs ago) and she is a fantastic teacher.   I walked away so inspired & seeing new possibilities opening up in my oils.   This piece started with a wash of Payne's Grey.  Then I drew with an EYEDROPPER! Yes, an eyedropper filled with about freeing...WOW!  The next step was placing the lights (in gouache) with a brayer, fine tuning the figure a bit in charcoal & then dropping  warmth into a few areas.  Below I have included the eyedropper drawing so you can see the marks it makes along with one of  Kate's beautiful pieces.  Hopefully, we play with color tomorrow.  Exhausted, exhilarated & enthralled...Good Night!

Eyedropper Drawing
Kate Worm

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