Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well, that was different

"Stand Tall, Study"
9x12  Oil on Linen/Board

As I started the demo in class this morning, my brush swept across the support & well, I thought that was different.   I'm so used to knowing how my brush & paint will react on my support that I was shocked when the brushstroke didn't look or feel the same.  Awhile back I ordered a couple of sample boards with not my regular canvas attached.  This one had the Belgian Linen (lovely) but single primed.  I love painting on linen but this one just didn't hold my brushwork like my other support.  I like this painting but it  has a very different feel about it.  Live & learn.   Stepping out of your comfort zone is good, I just now know that single primed Belgian Linen probably won't live in my toolbox.  It's so important to be as knowledgeable about your "tools" as your skills. 

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