Monday, July 26, 2010

Cure for Insomnia

"Digging in the Sand"
6x6  $95

Lucky to have painted something at all today.  Here's why, I'm not a great sleeper but throw in 100 degree plus days and not much cooling at night & it's little sleep for moi.  However, last night I discovered a cure.  After playing backgammon & hangman for several hours (no sleep in sight), I turned to my fellow DPO painters to look at their work again.  I have to say that several have been painting yummy food.  So after about an hour of drooling, starving,  looking (now 4 o'clock am), I went to the freezer and grabbed a Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bar.  By 4:30, I was fast asleep.  Thanks Weight Watchers and the food painting DPO girls. Now the only question is what to give up...trying to lose weight or sleep?
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