Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angry Birds!!

"Along the Way"
8x6   Oil

On one hand I have to thank my sister-in-law for some wonderful barn photos from their vacation this past week.  On the other hand, while visiting, she introduced me to the most frustrating/addicting iPhone game called "Angry Birds".  I played it because she, my brother, niece & nephew were playing it.  When my phone died last week, "relief", the game had disappeared.  Stopping on their way back home on Friday, she told me how to upload the game again.  Being very blond that day, I reloaded it.  Having wiped out my previous success, I've now started from the beginning  and stuck as the same @%$^&^*&@(! place as before.  Yes, Wen, that stupid cart/train (whatever that thing is) has gotten the best of me. Thanks for the photos and I owe you for the "Angry Birds".  Love YA, mean it!!!

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