Thursday, July 1, 2010

Roll 'em out!

"Fifth Wheel"
5x10   oil on paper

First day in the studio since my students have gone.  With grandiose plans, I went to the easel and started a painting.  Two hours later it no longer existed, not that it's bad thing.  Getting back into a routine of painting usually doesn't happen with the first painting back.  So I took a break and came back deciding to start simply.  Cherries.  There is something about painting cherries that can brighten my day.  Maybe it's in setting them up, all I usually have to do is roll them out of the bag onto the table & instant Still Life!  I have also set myself a goal of limiting the number of brushstrokes to describe my subject.  So between now & July 12th, limited brushstrokes is the "word of the day".  Let's see what happens. 
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