Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kelley Warp

"In the Red"
6x6    $95

A fellow DPO painter, Kelley MacDonald & I have had some of the same technical Facebook/Blogger issues and have "shared" our frustrations.  Thinking it might be targeted directly towards us, she aptly named it "Kelley Warp".  So in that vein, my iPhone (less than 2 mos. old) totally died on my today.  After trying to make an appt. online, no success, then calling the Apple store for an hour (line busy) I finally was able to get an appt. for tomorrow, late afternoon.  I'm starting to think this "Kelley Warp" thing is real.  All I have to say is watch out Kelley Mac., it might be your turn tomorrow.  Now the bright spot today was getting a call from a friend, who had a bunch of beautiful red sunflowers for me.  Thanks Rod
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