Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give me a knife

"Apple, Deconstructed"
2 6x6 museum quality panels
$95 each

When I started my painting for the Daily Paintworks Challenge, little did I know that the painting would be the least of my issues.  This week was a Ten Minute Challenge.  Choosing one subject & setting the timer for 10 minutes for each 3" piece.  While I stuck within the one subject challenge, I decided to tweak it a bit by "deconstructing" my apple as I went.  Some of the paintings look a slight "askew" because I had the most dull knife at the studio.  Deconstructing took on the look of destroying about half way through.  By the last painting, I had hacked the apple to the point that I had to tape the bottom of the core (see photo below for my lovely knife work) & then use the roll of tape to keep it upright.  I really enjoyed this challenge and it's now going to be an exercise for my students.  Hope you will check out the other challenge paintings at Daily Paintworks Challenge . 

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