Friday, February 25, 2011

When a Horse is a Mule

"Off to the Races"
6x6   Oil on museum quality panel

 Veronica Clark,  is a dear friend and wonderful artist specializing in animals.  V & I used to be studio mates and I never attempted to paint animals because I wouldn't be able to capture the beauty that V could.  However, many years ago on a painting outing, I found that the only subject available was my worst nightmare, a horse.  So I dived in and "painted" the horse.  Upon bringing the painting back to the studio, I asked Veronica what she thought of my painting.  In her wonderful British accent, she said..."Nice mule".  So fast forward 8 years and here's my latest attempt at a horse.  V, I'll patiently await to hear whether I've improved and can now hear..."Nice horse".  A honest critique goes down better with a lovely accent.  Everyone needs a "V"!

I hope to post some more "horses" next week that are a bit different.  Having fun pushing out of my comfort zone. 
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