Monday, August 9, 2010

Blissfully Unaware

"Sunset Over the Bridge"
6x6    $95

I have an assistant.  Yippee.  I feel, oh so, professional now.  Okay, she will  work only a few hours a week but I have an assistant.  The wonderful thing about "M" is that she & I think alike.  She has been a student of mine for a couple of years and  I find her to be so delightful and funny.  It wasn't until I received an email from her several months later, that I discovered why we got along.  Her "tag" line of her email is Blissfully Unaware.  Woohoo.  This is not to say, that she or I are incapable of accomplishing things, we are.  But our dilemma will come in trying not to be "Blissfully Unaware" at the same time.  So as time goes by, any errors on this blog can be directly attributed to a bad day at the studio by both of us.  Poor "M", already getting the blame for future mishaps.  Welcome to the studio!
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