Friday, August 6, 2010

What's in the Box? SOLD!

"Pink Box"
6x6   $95
Little did I know that when I starting blogging, that one of my best friends would become another daily painter 3000 miles away.  We talk daily (usually several times) about everything from the disasters at the easel, what sold, why something didn't sell, what's bugging us that day and cheering/encouraging each other's artistic growth.  This past week, she's been on vacation and we haven't talked except by email.  But on  Monday, a box arrived.  It was filled with my birthday painting that she had painted & posted (supposedly for sale), still life props and some painting supplies.  So despite the fact that we couldn't talk, I felt her presence.  Thanks for everything Julie except for the "annoying" photos of your lovely vacation views.  Today's painting is this darling little box that her sweet daughter included for me.  Thanks, A.  And Julie,welcome back to the real world.
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