Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At Month's End

"No White After Labor Day"
6x6    $95

Today's painting is for a monthly blog challenge to paint something that relates to September.  Not wearing white after Labor Day was a chant I always heard from my mom.  So painting white shoes was an obvious choice.  I didn't realize that I don't really wear white shoes until I went to find some to paint.  So while visiting a friend last week, I asked if she had any white shoes that I might photograph.  Despite my strange request, we went rummaging through she and her daughters' closets.  She also didn't have any white shoes either but I took pictures of some darling non-white sandals that I could possibly paint white.  Try as I might, it didn't work but I did manage to get a picture of her daughter's cute white sandal.  So Caroline, sorry your shoes didn't make the cut for this painting but no worries, I have plans for your non-white shoes. 
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