Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Overwhelmed SOLD

"At the Market"
7x5  $95
Watching people is just so much fun.  This poor fellow intrigued me.  This was a small farmers market and so I was behind him as we went through the different vendors.  He never bought anything, never picked up a piece of fruit or vegetable.  I finally surmised that his wife sent him to get something for dinner and he was just overwhelmed.  He left just I did without buying anything.  I imagine he called his wife, said he didn't have time & went to grab a beer somewhere.  At least that's the story I'm going with.  Just for the record, I left with enough fruits & vegetables for both of us.  Also, tomorrow I'm sending out my first monthly newsletter.  If you're interesting in receiving it, there is a sign up button on the right side of my blog.  I'll be giving away a painting to one lucky person who signs up this month. 

Update: Still learning to use my phone (didn't cut anyone off today), camera still on the fritz but my newsletter is safe and ready to be sent.  One down, two to go.  Thanks for asking!!!!!!

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