Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top of To Do List

"Favorite Brush"
8x6  $95

I'm moving "learn how to take a decent photo" to the top of the list.  Being in a hurry, gotta go to the grocery, get gas, go to the bank,etc. is no excuse for taking a "wonky" photo.  I quickly took this pix this morning and thought I had a pretty good image until I uploaded it.  Staring at me on my screen is a somewhat leaning painting.  I will vouch that the brush was painted straight but you'll just to take my word for it. I straightened it the best I could. This is probably a good time to post that I'm looking for an assistant, who doesn't need to be paid, will do all the things I don't want to do, do it with a smile, also added duty, taking non-wonky photos.  I'll let you know when the assistant is on the job.  Is that mocking laughter I hear?
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