Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Go to Plan "B"

"In Full Bloom"
18 x12 (approx.)   oil on paper

Went to dinner at my favorite French restaurant last night (thanks,"V") and brought a chocolate almond croissant home to paint today.  Actually, I brought it for my Mom but I told her I had to paint it first.  So, first it was 98 degrees today, second, chocolate in croissant melted making mess, not very interesting to paint.  So time for  Plan B.  One of my students brought these beautiful flowers to try painting oil on paper.  I did a demo for them, since they hadn't painting on paper before.  And voila, here's the painting.  It was another fun exercise on this slick paper but I liked it.  Enjoy the bouquet! I'm going to drink a glass of wine and offer the croissant to my mom. 

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